Coach Cate

Coach Cate

Sunday, February 20, 2011

RIding Through the Phoenix Area

C.I. Waggoner Elementary School - Tempe, Arizona
Thursday February 16, 2011

I had been to Phoenix before with Courtney.  The last time we were here was when we saw a Diamondback game on our 2004 Ballpark Tour.
We were only in downtown Phoenix though.
Today I would ride from Surprise to Tempe.
I got up early as I was supposed to be at the C.I. Waggoner Elementary School at 12:30.
I had 50 miles to cover this day.
I mapped it out and was doing well with the directions, until I missed Santa Fe Road.
This threw me off the rest of the ride.  I could not seem to find this road on my GPS, so I just went my own way.
It took me a great amount of time to get south of the city as I had to wait for lights, stop and look at my GPE and I got another flat.
I was late getting to the school, but luckily the whole school was very flexible about this.
I arrived at the school dirty from changing my tire and again was instantly connected with my new friend Ellen Albadessa, one of the Physical Education Teachers at the school.  I also met Jonathan Lambros, the other Physical Education Teacher.
I watched her with the kindergarten class she was finishing up with.  They were so cute.
Coach Cate and C. I. Waggoner Students

Physical education Teacher Ellen Albedessa and Coach Cate

C.I. Waggoner Elementary School
After this class, I talked to the 4th and 5th graders in the Multi Purpose Room.  The students had some great questions.

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